Building a brighter Future

The St. Landry Parish Chamber of Commerce is committed to collaborating with businesses, community leaders, and local government to create a brighter future for St. Landry Parish. Whether you are planning a visit, establishing a business, or seeking to engage in our unique culture, we invite you to explore our website and discover the numerous ways in which The Chamber can empower you.

The Core of unity

For over a century, The St. Landry Chamber has been the catalyst for progress, forging connections, empowering businesses, and building a thriving and vibrant St. Landry. Join us on this journey towards a future filled with promise, where dreams are realized and lasting success is nurtured.

About the Chamber

Since 1919, our chamber has served as an organization through which business executives, professionals and other concerned citizens have united to provide leadership and direction for the economic and social development of our community. Click the button below to learn more about our leadership, our organizational structure, and how to get in contact with us. 

Join the Chamber

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a current business administrator, or just looking to get more involved in your community, there are countless reasons to consider becoming a Chamber Member. Joining our mission of building a better St. Landry Parish starts with you, which means we can personalize our services to best benefit you and your organizational goals. Click here to learn more about the many ways we can meet your needs while facilitating a healthy business climate right here in your backyard.  

Sponsored by SLEMCO

SLEMCO, the powerhouse supporting The Chamber. With a history that dates back to 1937, SLEMCO has been an unwavering sponsor, illuminating our community with reliable and affordable electric power. Count on SLEMCO’s dedicated crew members, available round the clock, to swiftly address any power outage. Their commitment to ensuring your continuous access to vital electricity guarantees a brighter future for us all. 

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