Diamond Members

The Diamond Members of St. Landry Parish are a group of committed individuals who receive exclusive benefits and opportunities to network with other professionals. They have access to exclusive events, priority resources and services, and the chance to give back to the community. Their dedication is an important piece in promoting economic growth and development in St. Landry Parish.

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At CenterWell, we welcome patients from all walks of life who share the common goal of staying healthy and active. Whether you’re here because of a sudden sickness or for a preventive check-up, we can connect you to the right doctor and CenterWell primary care expertise. Our commitment to your health extends beyond just a visit. We’re not just concerned with today’s health issues; we’re here to connect the dots to meet your health goals far into the future.

Caring for you. Right where you live.


We integrate in-house development, asset financing, and operational management to optimize competitiveness and capture maximum value throughout the lifecycle of each clean energy project.

Shaping our future energy landscape

America’s energy landscape is transforming. Customers are demanding access to clean, local power sources. Rapidly decreasing technology costs have ushered in a new era of cost-effective renewable energy solutions. With offices across the United States, we’re working with local communities, businesses and landowners to develop projects that generate the competitively priced, dependable and clean energy that America wants and needs.

!We have a flavored history. We are one ofLouisiana’s oldest communities. Established in 1720 as Le Poste Des Opelousas, our community grew as a center of trade and a crossroads of commerce.  Our history lives on in our historic homes, our town square, and in the museums that celebrate our storied past.
Our music is our spice. We are the world’s capital of Zydeco. The legends of this unique musical style play here each week filling the air with the sounds of the rub board and the accordion.
 Cajun and Swamp Pop round out our musical heritage creating a mix of sounds unlike any in the world.
 Our zest for life is conveyed in our food. From Opelousas come ingredients that are the foundation of Cajun and Creole flavors. It is from here that the tastes of Acadiana have become known worldwide.
 Our roux, boudin, gumbo and seasonings are legendary.  It is through food that we show our warmth, our character, and the richness of our region.
 We are a place of progress where we look to the future with the wisdom of a nearly 300-year history, we are a place of families where day-to-day routines are a celebration of a culture preserved, and we cherish this place and all the ingredients that make us unique.

We Are Opelousas,  Louisiana…Perfectly Seasoned!

Cleco Power is a regulated electric public utility that owns 9 generating units with a rated capacity of 3,035 megawatts and operates 946 megawatts on behalf of its generation partners. Assets also include 1,335 miles of transmission lines and 12,152 miles of distribution lines.

Cleco Power uses multiple generating sources and multiple fuels to serve approximately 290,000 customers in 24 of Louisiana’s parishes through its retail business and supplies wholesale power in Louisiana and Mississippi. Parishes served include Acadia, Allen, Avoyelles, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Catahoula, DeSoto, Evangeline, Grant, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, LaSalle, Natchitoches, Rapides, Red River, Sabine, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Vermilion, Vernon and Washington.

The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company is an independent banking company that provides banking services to consumer and business customers in its normal area of operation. Our goal is to meet the banking needs of our communities served with outstanding customer service while taking active roles in our local communities.

Our goal also includes providing an acceptable level of profit. Our long-term mission will set The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company above competitors in the areas of integrity, trust, corporate character, quality, service and fiscal soundness.

The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company’s roots date back to March 15, 1906. On this date the bank was officially chartered under the name “Bank of Ville Platte.” The bank began business October 11, 1907. The bank reorganized to include a Trust Company and adopted a new charter in December 1911 and its official name then became The Evangeline Bank and  Trust Company.

Walmart is able to move goods to and from distribution centers because we maintain a private fleet of trucks and a skilled staff of truck drivers. We think our team of drivers is the best in the world. They’re part of one of the largest and safest fleets, and every year they drive 1.1 billion miles to make millions of deliveries to our stores and clubs. Each driver averages around 100,000 miles annually-that’s like driving around the world 4 times!

Together with our truck drivers, we’re constantly working to ensure that we’re moving merchandise in responsible, sustainable ways. Drivers follow the most efficient routes to their destinations and work to minimize the number of “empty miles” they drive. This way, we use less fuel, we drive fewer miles and we maximize the merchandise we deliver while minimizing our environmental impact.